Why Apprenticeships?

A lot of young folks today won’t have it easy once they finish school. It can be quite frustrating when you studied for years, just to find yourself thrown into the very competitive job market in the UK and then unsuccessfully trying to get a job.

IT Apprenticeship in Nottingham

IT Apprenticeship in Nottingham

Worse even, as can be seen so often today, when you studied for a certain field and then end-up with doing something entirely different because you couldn’t get into the field you wanted.

An apprenticeship can be a life-saver because it can help you to get the job you wanted without any of those problems, among many other benefits.

Close to ninety-five per cent of apprentices in the nation get hired on full time once their apprenticeship ends. But this is not the only (although major) benefit.

With an apprenticeship you will also get all the qualifications, training and skills that will be required later on. This can also be a significant advantage on the job market since you will have a significant edge over those applicants who do not have first-hand experience.

How to get an apprenticeship?

You can start here at https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship to search for an apprenticeship vacancy. But you can also take advantage of such specialized websites where you can search for apprenticeships by varied criteria such as your desired field and location. Both methods are highly recommended for fresh graduates from the United Kingdom who are looking for apprenticeships in their area.

Apprenticeships in Nottingham, London, Manchester or any of the major cities in the United Kingdom can be the short-cut to to a great career. In a tough economy with a competitive job market as we have today you should definitely consider taking on an apprenticeship so you can maximize your chances on the job market!

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