Want some *good* surprise entertainment? Well here it is!

I had my fair share of really bad entertainment, most of the times at (at least!) three recent weddings I’ve been to and then on a bunch of holiday parties with my job.

The “entertainment” that I had the misfortune to witness had been truly awful.

The thing is, when the music is just bad at  such an event, whether it’s a wedding or a party, this can bring down the entire event.

The strange thing is that some folks don’t hesitate to spend their entire life savings on things like a wedding, where they may spend a fortune alone on the food and whatever else comes with it. Well, I’ve never been one who had been much for super-expensive weddings. But if you are already spending your money on a single day in your life, then you should spend it wisely. From what I have seen, people for some reason I will skimp when it comes to the musical entertainment.

So there you have flower bouquets costing as much as a small home, but then they hired some student as a DJ for the night. Except that the guy or gal of course doesn’t really have much of a clue, let’s not mention that he or she will in all likelihood also have a quite awful taste in music.

The most fun at the wedding I had just last year, at Maribel’s and John’s wedding in Nottingham. What made it so good in my opinion was that they had the Singing Waiters, which are one of the top surprise entertainers in the UK. Unlike some poor DJ, the Singing Waiters are always trying to get everyone involved in the show. Well, you can imagine what happens if they pull someone up on the stage of the really little bit tipsy. Let’s just say we had a hell of a lot of fun! I can highly recommend the Singing Waiters if you want to book someone for a wedding or your next budgetary!