What Is Video Fire Detection?

Video fire detection is a new technology that tremendously adds to fire safety.

To understand why is this, it may help if we quickly explain how your fire detection systems work.

In previous times, the most prevalent form of fire detection had been with smoke detectors. These pretty common devices do however have at least one significant drawback, this is the limited range and when they can be used. Due to the way how the work, smoke detectors can only detect fires inside buildings since their function relies on being installed in the vicinity of fire respective the smoke from it. This makes smoke detectors useless for many other locations in particular for the outdoors and for monitoring large spaces.

Video fire detection is fundamentally different in the way how it works. Essentially, a fire camera as a video camera which contains advanced software that analyses the video to detect fires. This happens in real time with only minimal delay. Advanced fire cameras can detect flame or smoke from a video anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds after it appeared. What’s more, since these fire detection systems are not relying to be placed near a potential fire, they can also detect fires from a distance. This makes them suitable for many types of locations where fire detection in the past had been challenging if not entirely impossible.

Video fire detection is increasingly employed in many types of locations that can range from industrial complexes to shopping malls and has now become the fire detection method of choice especially outdoors. In recent times however, there are also becoming increasingly popular among private homeowners who use video fire detection systems to add more fire safety to properties.