Glasgow School of Art Fire Could Have Been Averted With Modern Fire Suppression System

This past May, a severe fire destroyed parts of Glasgow’s School of Art and with it its entire library. What is ironic is that the school planned to put in place a new fire suppression system this coming summer.

Experts are now debating whether the new fire system in-place would have prevented major damage with most of them agreeing that the new system would have enhanced the fire safety measures in the school significantly.

The article at gives more details about the fire which broke out at the school one month ago. About 200 firefighters were involved, with 16 appliances at the scene at the height of the operation.


The UK’s Second Most Spoken Language

Do you know what the second most spoken language in the UK is? Polish is our nation’s most often heard second language according to a new article at The Guardian.

The article shows that currently more than 16,000 children attend Saturday classes in the UK to learn polish and underlines the benefits this has for those.

For many, it is not merely learning another language. The Polish language classes also serve to teach about Polish culture and history.

With the downfall of communism, Poland has become a thriving and modern nation that for many immigrants with Polish heritage could be an option in the future if they wish to relocated there from the UK. Obviously, having learned the language will then be one major advantage.